Sardine Festival 2010

Birding Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom

Birding Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom

Hot on the heels, of the Sardine Run, is an armada of feathered predators with a sardine dinner firmly on their minds.  A gourmet delight for 100’s of thousands of Gannets, is only achieved in every 25th dive. That is huge energy to expend for this nutritious food source.

Look out for a tornado of seabirds, a sure sign the Sardines are nearby. The sight is mind blowing and the noise incredible. These birds dive up to 15 feet below the surface. They hit the water from dizzy height and fold their wings back to take the impact head first. Once in the water they can actually swim a short distance to get to a fish they may have missed. Watching this airstrike is breath taking.

The KwaZulu Natal South Coast reserves some of the best bird watching spots in the country.  The 14 Nature Reserves, Dams and Estuaries offer a combined list of 386 species. This is over one third of the total number of birds recorded in the Southern African sub Region.

The contrasting coastal district comprises a variety of habitats from coastal and wetland environments to forest, woodland and grassland. It is here that 2 very distinct forest avifaunas of Southern Africa (The Afromontane forests and the rich tropical forest community) overlap.

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